Initial Consultation

Give us a call, and we will schedule an onsite meeting. We will discuss your project budget, timeline, and constraints at the on-site meeting. We will also go over specific issues you are trying to solve or problem areas you are trying to solve.



  • The pre-construction phase involves three main components Design, Selections, and The Estimate. We will work with you on all three of these concurrently to make this process as efficient as possible.
  • Design, to start the design process, we come to the site and draw the interior and exterior of the home as needed. Then the draftsman will work on making changes to the floor plan and making the space as functional as possible.
  • Selections, we will get started as early as possible, selecting the finishes for your project. We aim to make most of the selection before beginning construction. This makes the actual construction process of the project go much more smoothly and lessens the chance for mistakes.
  • Estimate, once we have a rough plan and rough prediction of your selections, we will start working on the estimate.

Contract Signing

Once we have thoroughly defined the project, we are ready to sign a contract and begin the project. The contract will outline the scope of work, design, and project cost.

contract sign


After signing the contract, we will move to the construction phase. During this phase, we will complete your actual project to the specified plan, budget, and timeframe stated in the contract. Any changes will be made through our Customer Relationship Manager as a change order. We work very hard in the preconstruction phase to make the actual construction process go as smoothly as possible. This decreases the stress that is typically associated with this process.


Let us know how we can help make your dreams a reality.