Custom Homes

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Design Builders has been building Custom homes since its inception. We Specialize in energy efficiency and durable homes in many different styles. We take great care to ensure the details are correct for all our customers. Our numerous years of experience ensure we will get the job done promptly and to the highest quality.


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Remodeling is a service we have always provided at Design Builders but has become a staple of our business in the last 15 years. That is because we take our forward-thinking practices and apply them to our remodel practices. Our unique remodeling process ensures that our customers have a streamlined experience, reducing the stress a remodel can impose on you.

3-D Design

3-D Design

One of the state-of-the-art tools that Design Builders has used for years is the 3-D design of your project. For each project, Design Builders does a job-specific floor plan for it. This plan also includes a complete 3-d design, which we can virtually walk through with you. In the case of remodeling, you are essentially able to walk through your completely reconfigured area with us before construction even starts. This dramatically helps you visualize any changes you want to make. We now offer this as a stand-alone service. Whether you are working with another builder, are doing a project yourself, or are just having trouble visualizing what you want to do with your project. We can show you precisely what your project will look like.

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